Movement Within a Movement

There’s been a lot of political talk about white people joining the natural hair movement. I’ve read a lot of articles about the matter. This whole ordeal seems a bit silly to me. For instance, women rights movements welcome men to support. A man could not, however, give a speech on his struggles with women rights because he has none. His support is still welcomed and greatly appreciated. A white person could not stand in front of a crowd and describe his/her struggles with natural hair, because a white person’s natural hair is nine times outta ten nothing incredibly extraordinary or victimized. I don’t see why they could not support and agree with the natural hair movement though. Being apart of, and supporting something, are two different things to me. That’s just my opinion. Let’s get something started, shall we? Hit that ask up, I’m interested in those opinions.

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Natural Hair Problem #3


Deciding if the nights activity is worth untwisting your hair for. 

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Q: I'm really hating being natural like my hair won't grow and I've done everything. I watch YouTube videos all the time and honestly I just want to texturize it. Please help me

There’s a link on the blog which can tell you a little about growing your hair out! Natural hair grows very slowly, it’s something you have to be patient with doll, I know it sucks ass but eh, what can we do?

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